Caught Up for Firefox

Caught Up solves the technical problems and annoyances of watching TV via the ITV Player video-on-demand service by allowing you to watch ITV programmes (or nearly any video on the ITV site) quickly and easily with your regular media player.

Unlike the BBC iPlayer, if you've used ITV Player you've likely become frustrated with programmes not loading, the inability to fast-forward or rewind (except in large increments, followed by about 90 seconds of adverts each time), the ends of programmes getting cut off, the small screen size offered and the requirement to install Microsoft's wonky Silverlight browser plug-in.

Using Caught Up from an ITV programme page.
Watch any show with a couple of clicks

Adding Caught Up to Firefox fixes all of these issues!

You've likely already got a media player installed (e.g. Windows Media Player), but Caught Up works with any software capable of playing Windows Media Video (WMV), for example:


Installation / Updates

How to Use

On almost any page where you can watch a programme or video, clicking on the TV icon in your Firefox status bar (generally in the bottom right-hand corner) will present you with a list of videos available on the current page.
The same goes for lists of programmes (e.g. the Top 10, or the listings for a particular day).

Just click on the programme you would like to watch, and you're on your way.

What happens next is down to how your computer is set up. For most people using Windows, the programme will automatically start playing in Windows Media Player. That's all there is to it!

Questions, Comments, Feedback

If you're having problems or maybe have a suggestion, there are a couple of ways to get in touch: