Christopher Orr

Jenkins recipes for mobile app development

This is just a quick post to give some pointers relating to the brief FOSDEM talk I gave today. I’ve posted the slides (plus a version with slide notes), and perhaps video will appear at some point.

I mentioned various setups for building, testing and deploying Android and iOS apps using Jenkins. While I gave some general advice about setting up Jenkins and what plugins to use, it can end up being tricky to then later configure all this yourself in your own Jenkins instance.

Thankfully, Jenkins now has the Recipe Plugin, which is a way of packaging one or more Jenkins job configurations together, along with all their plugin dependencies. So far, I have created a couple of recipes and uploaded them from within the Recipe Plugin UI, so anyone can use them. There currently isn’t a good way to view these online (aside from the recipes GitHub repo), but if you install the Recipe Plugin, you can click “Import Recipe” and you’ll see what’s available.

Hopefully they’ll help you get started, and I look forward to seeing other recipe contributions…