Christopher Orr

Speaking at the San Francisco Android User Group

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area for an extended period at the start of this year. While I’ve been to SF a couple of times before, being able to hang out here on a regular basis is a different experience altogether — and not just in the massive number of people I’ve seen walking the streets wearing startup hoodies. The sheer number of tech meetups to attend every week is remarkable, and I’ve got to know some cool people (and see some old friends).

Wikimedia HQ

On top of that, I got the chance to speak at the San Francisco Android User Group last night, hosted by some friendly folk in the shiny new offices of the Wikimedia Foundation.

With the title “Automating Android Build, Test & Continuous Delivery with Jenkins”, this was the first time I’ve talked about the Google Play Android Publisher plugin for Jenkins, since I created and published it late last year.

Being able to have Jenkins keep your Google Play credentials safe, and have your Android apps automatically published – even triggered by something like creating a git tag — is a cool thing. The packed crowd seemed to agree, and I was even able to make some improvements to the plugin once I got home, based on what I learned at the meetup.

Thanks again to the organisers and the Wikimedia Foundation for having me!